My guess, if you are reading this article, is that you have most likely heard a murmur about Reiki or Energy Healing or Vibrational Healing. Am I correct in this assumption?


Before I go into detail about what Energy Healing / Reiki / Vibrational Healing is, let’s discuss WHY you most likely need a healing first. Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths


Let’s assume you’re currently in pain. This pain is physical in appearance at present. This pain is causing you not only discomfort, but emotional anguish because you can’t do the things you used to do… or this pain is forcing you to find new ways of doing things.

It could be as simple as having to wear glasses for reading, to being unable to open your own jars, to having radiation therapy. There are many ailments that help us look at our lives differently to what we have in the past.

Searching a little deeper into why life changes is a good thing. Trust me.

Whatever the disorder, although it may not appear to be fun at the time, you’re going to grow from this experience if you look at it positively. I can feel your eyes rolling from here… “Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard it all before.”

What if you could recognise where your chronic headaches began, or why your Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyialgia started and how you could possibly reduce the affects – emotionally, physically and spiritually? Seriously, how does that sound to you? Say it aloud.

Energy Healers like Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths don’t claim to be able to reverse terminal cancer, but they sure can make your transition a hell of a lot easier to deal with during this, and any unpleasant other, health concern.

Are you aware that a majority of our physical ailments arise from emotional pain? Yes, this has been scientifically studied. 

“Emotions are integral to the conceptualization, assessment, and treatment of persistent pain. Research should clarify when to eliminate or attenuate negative emotions, and when to access, experience, and express them. Theory and practice should integrate emotion into cognitive-behavioural models of persistent pain.” 

Lumley MA, Cohen JL, Borszcz GS, et al. Pain and emotion: a biopsychosocial review of recent research. J Clin Psychol. 2011;67(9):942-968. doi:10.1002/jclp.20816

If you are interested in reading further on this backed theory click here.

3 deep breaths energy healing
3DB energy healing South Fremantle


This is an important query. Not all Reiki / Energy Healers / Vibrational Healers are created equal, nor do they offer the same therapies. Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths

My suggestion is, obviously, to research. Ask around. Read reviews. This is straightforward and I think we all do that now. In addition, my recommendation is that you sit quietly and listen to your gut instinct about the Energy Healer you’re interested in. Are there any alarm bells internally? Or do you feel discomfort anywhere in your body? Then I suggest not going to that one.

Trust your inner voice. Feel what physically comes up for you when you are looking at an Energy Healer’s photo or reading their Biography. Is there tension in the neck, shoulders, belly or jaw? Or is there a sense of “Aaaaaaah” (calmness and knowing this is right)?

  • Choose someone that instantly makes you feel calm, because this calmness is a major part of the Energy Healing process.

Reading “What to expect” during Reiki / Energy Healing / Vibrational Healing below will help you decide whether this style of treatment is correct for you.


You are correct in thinking that an Energy Healing is an Alternative Therapy. The best part about alternative therapies is that you can use them with any mainstream remedies. Energy Healing will not cause any issue with your Doctor’s treatment.

Some practitioners offer a hands-on approach, whilst others offer hands off or even distant (perfect for chaotic Covid times). Some will read chakras and auras. Sound Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong – these are all energy healing modalities. There’s not a one size fits all within this realm.

Energy Healing / Reiki / Vibrational Healing therapy will work through and unblock your energy centres (Chakras) and/or your Auric field and are the most sought after ways of healing past, present and future dis-eases.

You’ve most likely heard of Reiki these days as it is increasingly popular. How Reiki works is;  the client (you) will be seated or laying comfortably in a semi-meditative state, with the practitioner placing hands (with attuned energy) over specific points throughout your body.

Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths

3 deep breaths energy healing
3DB Energy Healing South Fremantle


Expect nothing! 

However, during your research phase of locating the right Energy Healer for you, you will have read up on what your therapist specialises in. Forecast a bit of that then.

At Ropana / 3 Deep Breaths you may experience tingling in your extremities; there may be a sense of someone being beside you or even a touch from something other than your Energy Healer; you could feel heat or even cold in places – especially those areas that require the healer’s attention the most.

Your Energy Healer will guide you through the process of when your ailment began, why it began and what you can do to help reduce the current side-effects of your issue.

*** Overall, expect to be sent into a deep state of relaxation. After your Energy Healing, anticipate less pain – emotionally and physically. ***

It’s important to realise that you are the major part of the healing process, so you have to do the inner work (as advised by your Energy Healer) to help reduce your symptoms and emotional anguish.

If nothing else, you will come away from an Energy Healing session feeling zen, relaxed, calm – nonetheless, brace yourself for much, MUCH more than you could ever imagine.

You can give Ropana’s Energy Healing a trial for FREE by booking our weekly online healing sessions here.

3DB energy healing
3DB Energy Healing South Fremantle

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