Benefits of Savasana (Corpse Pose)

three deep breaths Savasana Benefits
3DB Benefits of Savasana

What is Corpse Pose / Savasana?

There are benefits of Savasana? You mean there are actual benefits to resting (not kipping)?

Firstly, how do you say that word? SHA-VAHS-ANA.

You’ve just completed your physical exercise, so the last thing you consider doing next is laying down to rest for a few minutes in Savasana. So why should you?

Savasana – it’s not just about lazing on your back. Isn’t Savasana just a nap after Yoga Asana Practice.

Is this something I can do?

As soon as you relax the brain going off on it’s own tangents, uninvited:

Ok, breathe… try not to think.” “This is the time to quiet the mind… do penguins have knees?” “Aarrrgghh! Shhhhh!… Did I hear a snore? Was that me?”“Stay awake and present… did I turn the iron off?”“Why is that itchy? Don’t scratch it.”

Ha! You thought that Savansana would be easy… but your mind has other ideas usually. Once you’re able to get all parts of this pose under control you will find the numerous positive effects of Savasana (also known as Corpse pose or Death pose) just as important, if not more-so, than all other Asanas.

Moreover, you may think that there are minimal health perks to laying flat on your back, but let us tell you that you are being given permission to do this wonderfully relaxing and beneficial Savasana / Corpse pose all in the name of your mental, physical and spiritual health.

You may also think that Savasana is the easiest of poses to master – you’ll be forgiven for thinking this as it appears as though one just lays on their back… but to do this pose correctly, and to achieve all the betterment from the correct version, there is much to conquer.

As a result of being kind with your body and your thoughts as you slip into a meditative, relaxation state, your body, mind and close humans will thank you.

In other words, stay with us as we walk you through the profits of Savasana.

How do I practice Savasana?

To ensure your comfort from the beginning; grab yourself a bolster and a blanket. The bolster can be used to support your neck or knees and the blanket to keep your body warm during the cool down process.

I recommend either following a guided Savasana Meditation on our YouTube Yoga Classes or recording the below on your phone so that you can do this without interruption.

From a seated pose, lie lengthways on your mat. With your back to the ground, lie flat on your back with the arms about 15cm away from the body, palms facing upward. Let the fingers curl up slightly.

Allow your feet to fall away from your body’s centreline. Close the eyes.

The head and spine should be in a straight line.

Keep your head and spine in a straight line, and ensure your head does not fall to one side.

This is where we completely stop all physical movement. We suggest not moving the body at all during this practice. Letting go. Relax.

Become aware of the natural breath and allow it to become rhythmic and relaxed.

To help keep your mind focussed in the present moment you may follow the breath in through the nostrils and out through the nostrils. Filling the belly with invigorating oxygen first, middle chest next, and lungs last. A personal mantra may be repeated with every inhalation and exhalation as well.

Remain in this state for however long you are able. A common Savasana / Corpse pose practice is around 5-10 minutes.

After some time, again become aware of the body and surroundings, gently and smoothly release the posture.

three deep breaths Savasana Benefits
3DB Savasana with bolster


The benefits of any relaxation pose are generally underestimated.

For maximum benefit, this technique should be performed after a hard day’s work, before evening activities, or to refresh the body and mind before sitting for meditation, or just before sleep.

If you’re reading our blog about the benefits of Savasana it’s more than likely you’re already in the know about this wonder pose.. stay with me though and I’ll show you some intricate benefits of Savasana that you possibly weren’t aware of.

For instance, when you correctly use a relaxation pose before, during and/or after Asanas the following will happen:


Tension release

Stress relief

Mental clarity

Awareness of the mind and thoughts

Anxiety relief

Preventative for depression 

Promotes peace within


Awareness of the body – opening your mind to the stress points within your body

Refreshes the body after asanas or busy days

Balances the nervous system

Lowers blood pressure

Relieves insomnia

Energises and increases productivity


Third eye chakra opens providing spiritual growth and reflection.

This asana stimulates the muladhara (root) chakra, because the entire length of the body is connected with the earth. Energizing this chakra through savasana is believed to ground the individual, providing the inner stability necessary for personal growth.


In conclusion; some of the other, scientifically backed, benefits of Savasana include:

  • Increase in energy and productivity
  • Decrease in anxiety and panic attacks
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Increased confidence

With diet, breath and exercise Savasana can help aid; 

Allergy, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, menopause, sciatica

You’re correct in thinking that Savasana / Corpse Pose is usually at the end of a Yoga practice as Savasana represents stillness, quietness of mind and body, and helps to balance the nervous system.

Even though Savasana is typically practiced at the end of a yoga sequence, it can be used to calm the body at the beginning of practice or for resting in the middle of a sequence or even after work or post gym workout. At the end of a yogic asana flow, seated meditation traditionally follows Savasana.

three deep breaths easy pose
3DB Easy pose

You can check our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for Savasana and all other yogic forms of holistic shenanigans.

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