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Global counselling sessions are held either via Zoom or in person with certified and experienced beings. We cover all of Australia, UK, USA, NZ, and the World. You can find our counselling/healing services around theBeaconsfield / South Fremantle / Coogee / Hamilton Hill / Perth Western Australia region.

Firstly, we offer highly qualified therapists to help you guide yourself through traumas into your homeostatic, true self. 

Alison 3 deep breaths

Your therapist – Alison

Alison seems to be on an eternal search for education. Constantly upgrading her knowledge, you can be assured that there is something new that she will want to share with you to help you enhance your wellbeing. Expect to be welcomed with open arms, tenderness, and some honest truths.

Paul 3 deep breaths

Your therapist – Paul

Is such a gentle soul. If you’re in need of some nurturing whilst spilling the beans on your existence, then come chat with Paul. He will make sure you feel comfortable and heard with his natural, genuine empathy.

Three Deeps Breaths isn’t your average counselling and wellness practice in Beaconsfield. Moreover, when you visit us you will immediately feel as though you are part of the family. We do everything in our power to offer you a safe space, comfort, and the openness to be wholly you. Because our counsellors have life experience on top of their degrees, you can rest assured that you will be offered unconditional compassion, kindness, and non-judgemental ears. In conclusion, with this experience comes knowledge about our Doshas, Soul Contracts, Energy Centres, Shadow sides, Childhood Traumas, and everything in-between, and we endeavour to create the best version of you, together. You don’t ever have to do anything alone.

Reduce trauma reactiveness, stress, anxiety, and depression by connecting us for some counselling, attunement, spiritual advice, or psychic surgery.

3 deep breaths meditation


This is the answer to just about everything you can imagine.

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